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Knowledge exchange: The Museum of Transology – Writing Ourselves Back Into History

Date 18 August 2022
Time 10:30 - 12:30
Venue Online
Organiser MGS & The Museum of Transology


About the Event

The Museum of Transology (MoT) is the UK’s most significant collection of objects representing trans, non-binary and intersex people’s lives.

Never again will historians be able to say that you can’t call trans people ‘trans’ in the past. Never again will trans, non-binary and intersex people be hard to find in history. And never again will the records of our lives be written by the media that spectacularise us, the legal systems that criminalise and the psychiatrists who pathologise us.

With our own museum we will write ourselves back into history, on our own terms, in our own words

This Knowledge Exchange event is led by a keynote presentation from E-J Scott – Founder of the Museum of Transology.

Please note this session will be recorded.

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