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Digital Skills Development Programme


Museums Galleries Scotland has developed a new multi-approach digital skills development programme, to address sector digital skills development needs, which will be delivered through the MGS Skills Academy.

Its two strands have a people-led approach to help contextualize and understand the unique skills and development needs of participating people and organisations. Strand one, Digital Literacy for Leadership, will focus on leadership and organisational transformation. Strand two Talking Digital: Coaching Conversations for Digital Confidence, will focus on outcomes for individuals.

Hero Image: A 3D scan point cloud of MV Spartan, a Clyde Puffer boat in the collection of the Scottish Maritime Museum. 3D scanned through the "Scanning the Horizon" project. 

Digital Literacy for Leadership

The Digital Literacy for Leadership programme, funded by MGS and Art Fund, has been developed to support organisations in Scotland to drive forward digital transformation across their operations, increasing digital confidence, knowledge, and skills.

The programme will deliver comprehensive digital literacy and skills-based training for up to 15 organisations from across Scotland. It will support both an organisation leader and an identified digital leader who can work together on  the vision and practical aspects of the delivery, helping digital change to happen at all levels in the organisation rather than cascading down from the top.

Training delivery will commence in April 2022 and run over an 18-month period with the expectation that participating organisations attend a minimum of 6 training days.

Training will cover three main areas and include an initial benchmarking activity for all participating organisations. The three areas will be:

  • Digital leadership - how can digital leadership and language be woven into processes, strategy and operations that will support leaders understand their own business needs and give them the confidence to act.  
  • Practical skills-based training - tailored to meet the needs of the individual organisations, these sessions will be delivered against the information captured in the initial benchmarking activity.
  • Legacy –each organisation will have an individual facilitated session to measure progress against initial benchmarking, measure impact and explore further development needs.  

Benefits of the programme  

It is expected through participation on this programme, senior leaders will have the confidence and awareness to make digital decisions for their organisation's future and staff and volunteers will have the relevant digital skills to carry out their organisation's plans.   

  • Senior leaders will have an improved understanding of what their organisation requires to be digitally efficient.  
  • Organisations will see a reduction in consulting costs as a result of leaders and staff having improved knowledge and skills.  
  • Increased employee confidence developed through practical tailored training on how to develop and maintain essential successful digital projects. 
  • Organisations will be better able to use digital technology effectively to help them to operate and respond to change  
  • Senior leaders and staff can recognise and develop creative enterprise solutions  

Is there a cost?

There is no cost for this training, however, participating organisations will be expected to sign a participation agreement. 

When to apply

Applications open: 13 September 2021

Applications close: Deadline extended to 26 November 2021

Confirmation of participation: Dec 2021

Training delivery: April 2022-March 2023

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Find out more

If you would like to discuss this opportunity further, please contact John Campbell, MGS Senior Skills Development Manager, at  or 0131 550 4131  


Talking Digital: Coaching Conversations for Digital Confidence

Talking Digital is a pilot skills development programme created to help people in the museum sector have a greater understanding of the context digital has in their roles and organisations. This “people-led” approach aims to help participants to gain more digital confidence and discover the steps they need to take to progress their digital skills development. This programme will focus on using coaching conversations and practical tools to better support individuals to: 

  • define what digital means in their own personal and professional contexts
  • discover their starting point for their digital skills development journey
  • develop relevant digital competencies that can be used to implement digital activities that work for their organisation. 

The programme will begin in early 2022 and run over a five-month period. Participants will undertake two half day group facilitation sessions, three one hour 1-2-1 coaching sessions and up to two digital mentor check-in sessions across the five-month period. It is expected that participants will also need to allocate some time for self-learning and vocational practice between their individual coaching sessions.

The programme will be delivered online through video conferencing.  


Benefits of the programme  

It is expected through participation in the programme that individuals will have increased confidence to deliver digital activities in their organisation. Participants will also be better equipped to continue to undertake self-directed learning on digital skills once the programme ends.

The coaching processes used in the programme can also be applied to other areas of personal development, equipping participants with valuable skills in self reflection and problem solving.

The programme will help participants who wish to develop more digital skills, but don’t know where to begin, start their learning journey.


Who is it for?

Individuals within the Scottish museum sector with low digital skills/confidence or feel some anxiety around using digital tools and software.

Participants must have some responsibility within their role (or the freedom to make it part of their role) for an element of digital so that they can undertake vocational learning between sessions.

Places are limited to one per organisation and priority will be given to organisations not taking part in any other MGS digital skills development programmes.


Is there a cost?

There is no cost for this programme, however, successful applicants will be required to sign a participation agreement. 


When to Apply

Applications open: 18th October

Applications close: Deadline extended to 26th November

Confirmation of participation: December 2021

Programme delivery: TBC Early 2022

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Find out more

If you would like to discuss this opportunity further, please contact Kelly Forbes, Digital Manager, at or 0131 550 4112.