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Digital literacy & skills: briefing & workshop

Date 28 February 2020
Time 11am-3pm
Venue Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh, EH1 1LT
Organiser One by One, Culture 24 and Museums Galleries Scotland


About the Event

In 2017 the One by One programme set out to research, define and test a new approach to developing digital literacies, skills and confidence in UK museums. We’re very nearly done… come and find out what we learned!

As our first project draws to a close in February 2020, we’re running four free CPD workshops in Cardiff, Belfast, Leeds and Edinburgh to share findings and resources with museum sector colleagues.

Getting to grips with what kinds of skills and understanding people who work in museums need to have or to develop around digital tools, channels, content and behaviours is difficult, especially when time and resources are short. Our workshops will help you get started.

We’ll introduce you to a mix of theory, practical activities, frameworks and tools you can use in your museums to develop everyone’s digital confidence and understanding.  We’ll help you work out which approaches and resources you need and which you can most usefully apply in your museum’s setting to best support your staff and/or volunteers.

Lunch will be included, giving you the chance to network with other attendees, all of whom will be grappling with similar challenges around digital skills and confidence.

The workshops will be led by Anra Kennedy, Culture24’s Partnerships Director, and each will also feature a One by One Digital Fellow sharing insights and tips from their research placements with museums.

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for people from small to medium-sized museums, galleries or heritage organisations. It will be particularly useful for people who are able to take this learning back to their museum and to start making small changes or trying out new approaches. You don’t need to have any particular digital or technical understanding, this workshop is for everyone.   

We welcome a maximum of two people from each organisation. There are 25 places available at each workshop.

Travel bursaries

We are aware that the cost of travelling to training events can be a barrier to participation in some settings so can reimburse travel costs up to a maximum of £100 per person. If this is something you would need to take up (or if costs would still be an issue for you, despite this reimbursement) please mention it when registering your interest in attending.

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