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Visualising Medical Heritage

Video Post - Visualising Medical Heritage

Museums across Scotland are working on making their collections more accessible. Digitising your collection is a great way to ensure that collection items have improved context and greater accessibility to the public. But what if your collection needs working knowledge of medical instruments to really understand what these items actually do? How do you overcome that barrier to allow the public to really engage with your collection?

A multicoloured wireframe image of a 3D scan of a human skull from the RCPSG Collection

It's a problem that the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow (RCPSG) are trying to solve in their project, Visualising Medical Heritage which was funded through our Museum Development Fund. The project uses photogrammetry, a 3D scanning technique, to create 3D models of medical instruments to better demonstrate their use in in-gallery interpretation and also on sites like Sketchfab. Looking to explore 3D scanning in your museum? Ross McGregor and Kirsty Earley from RCPSG tell us more about the process.




Published 07 March 2019