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Meet our Modern Apprentice

Meet our Modern Apprentice

In 2019 MGS began a Modern Apprenticeship scheme to offer six young people an opportunity to gain a Diploma in Digital Marketing. Five apprentices are based in host museums across Scotland. The final apprentice is based at MGS. Robyn Evans, Digital Marketing Modern Apprentice at Museums Galleries Scotland, shares her first impressions of joining the museum sector and beginning her vocational qualification.

The modern apprenticeship scheme is new to Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS), so I’m excited to be the first! The apprenticeship is a year long programme which aims to develop the skills of the apprentice while also contributing to the organisation through the work that they achieve. The digital marketing modern apprenticeship I’m working through consists of practical, on the job experience alongside online learning which is completed through an external learning provider. There are multiple modules to work through, with the support of an assessor and also my line manager.

My background

Since leaving school a few years ago I worked in various roles in retail, hospitality and marketing. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work for my family’s plumbing and heating business. It gave me the opportunity to learn the basics in administration and marketing. It was really satisfying to create an online presence for the business to reach a wider audience. I taught myself new skills. Spending hours watching YouTube tutorials on building and editing websites with WordPress. I worked through Google’s online academy to learn about how to use Google ads effectively.

The marketing I created for the company began to have a positive impact. It gave me a sense of achievement and encouraged me to apply for digital marketing roles. I saw the job advertisement for a digital marketing apprenticeship at MGS and thought it sounded like a great opportunity. All the marketing skills I had learned were self-taught so this was my chance to gain a recognised qualification and learn new things in a completely different sector.

Picture of Robyn

A bonus of working at MGS is the view of Edinburgh from the roof-top garden!

The interview

Interviews are always fairly intimidating, especially when you actually meet the other candidates. The assessment centre at MGS wasn’t as intimidating as I had anticipated. We were split into 2 groups and given a task to build our own museum. (Not physically!) We discussed what objects we would display, who our target audience would be, how we would communicate with them, the location of the museum and what it would look like. While we discussed ideas, Markus Offer, Programme Manager at MGS, shouted out ideas like “Put in a fort!” (We did include a fort, he was very persuasive.) It was a fun and creative task which made for a great ice breaker with the other candidates. It gave me some insight into the kind of organisation MGS is.

I was delighted when I heard that I was successful in the interview process and would start my 12 month digital marketing apprenticeship with MGS.

Getting to know museums

Having never worked in the museum sector before I felt pretty lost at first. Sitting in meetings trying to dissect all the acronyms (there is a lot!). My first few weeks mainly consisted of setting up 1 to 1 meetings with colleagues and asking “so what is you do here?" Despite my lack of knowledge of the sector, everyone at MGS has been extremely welcoming and hasn't made me feel like an idiot for asking thousands of questions.

The apprenticeship has so far given me the opportunity to get hands on experience in marketing while working towards a qualification through the online learning material. I’m constantly learning new things! Things I didn’t expect at all, like creating a poem on Twitter for #NationalPoetryDay or finding the perfect gif to Tweet!

What’s next?

Over the past few weeks I have started my online course in digital marketing. Dedicating a day a week to progress through the qualification. The course consists of various modules with supporting learning material and an end of module assignment. One of the benefits of the apprenticeship is having supporting evidence of my knowledge through the work I have done. Highlights so far include putting together MGS’s monthly newsletter, scheduling tweets with Buffer, making videos and gifs using Premiere Pro or creating a map of the Recognised Collections with Google Maps.

If you’d like to see some of the work I’m creating at MGS be sure and follow our twitter account, @MuseumsGalScot, and remember to say hi!

Interested in hosting a Digital Marketing Modern Apprentice in your museum in 2020? Full details are available on the MGS website.

Published 12 December 2019