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YS2022 Marketing & Event Skills Webinars


VisitScotland and Museums Galleries Scotland are providing YS2022 Community Stories Fund recipients with a series of free webinars on marketing and event management skills over the course of 2022.

Invites to upcoming webinars will be emailed to recipients directly and recordings will be available on this webpage two weeks after each webinar has taken place.

To access subtitles/closed captions for a recording, please click on the relevant YouTube window and then click the white rectangular icon at the bottom of the window.

Webinar 1: Marketing Support Available

Our first webinar, hosted in November 2021, explores how Round One Community Stories Fund recipients can make the most of the Themed Year opportunity in 2022. It covers the promotional support available through VisitScotland and Museums Galleries Scotland, an overview of the Marketing Requirements for the Fund, and key tips from the Marketing and PR Toolkit.

Webinar 2: How to Deliver Online Events

Our second webinar, hosted in February 2022, explores how to deliver online events. From initial planning and choosing a platform, to managing expectations and deciding how to price your events, this panel session highlights some of the key things to consider. Hosted by Torquil Macleod, Development & Engagement Manager at VisitScotland, the webinar features the following speakers:

If you don’t have time to watch the above recording of the webinar, we have provided a summary of the top tips shared by our speakers. 

We've also put together links to some useful resources - case studies, webinars and advice pages - to enable you to learn more about delivering online events.

You can download PDFs of both documents below.

How to Deliver Online Events - Top Tips PDF

How to Deliver Online Events - Resources PDF

Webinar 3: Introductory Webinar

This introductory webinar for Round 2 funding recipients, held in May 2022, explores how to make the most of the Themed Year opportunity in 2022. The Year of Stories team outlines:

  • The YS2022 marketing campaign and promotional support available through VisitScotland and Museums Galleries Scotland.
  • The Community Stories Fund’s Marketing Requirements.
  • Key tips from the Marketing and PR Toolkit.
  • The support available to help funding recipients to safeguard and record Intangible Cultural Heritage activity.

Download the Introductory Webinar presentation

Webinar 4: Delivering Events Sustainably

Wednesday 11 May (2-3.30pm)

Sustainability is a growing concern for us all and there are multiple elements to consider when it comes to planning and delivering events sustainably. In this webinar we will define what sustainable development means in relation to events and break down the key principles involved. In addition, we’ll share real-life case studies, tips and inspiration to help you think practically about how to incorporate sustainability into your practice.

Who will I hear from? 

The webinar will be hosted by Dr Jane Ali-Knight, a Professor in Festival and Event Management at Edinburgh Napier University, and will feature speakers from:

  • HebCeltGraham MacCallum, Depute Festival Director of this Lewis-based festival which celebrates Gaelic and traditional music, will talk about how they are embedding sustainability into their operations. 
  • Cryptic – This Glasgow-based producing arts house, which delivers multimedia performances, will be on hand to share their top tips for building sustainability into planning. 

Why should I attend? 

The session will: 

  • Give you a clear outline of the three dimensions of sustainability – social, environmental and economic. 
  • Help you to plan more sustainably, regardless of the scale of your organisation or the resources available to you. 
  • Help you to identify what you may already be doing well.
  • Provide real-life examples and tips from event organisers who have taken practical steps to deliver activity more sustainably.
  • Include a Q&A and breakout sessions, enabling you to gain support and advice from professionals and your peers.
  • Inspire you to think about how to deliver your events more sustainably and to identify potential next steps. 

This webinar was recorded and will be available here shortly.

Webinar 5: Reaching Digitally Excluded Audiences

Wednesday 22 June (2–3.30pm)

This webinar explores how you can engage with digitally excluded audiences. Many of us have had to, or chose to, move to a digital-only approach to marketing. It's important to remember that this doesn't work for everyone and that we have the right tools to reach people.

This session will:

  • Explore the meaning of digital exclusion/digital poverty
  • Examine the types of audiences that might be excluded and why
  • Help you understand who your digitally excluded audiences are
  • Offer ideas for reaching your digitally excluded audiences
  • Show you how to measure the success and impact of your approach and actions

Who will benefit most from this session?

Those with some basic marketing knowledge and an understanding of their target audiences.

Who is the speaker?

Christina Lister | Marketing Consultant | Christina Lister Comms

Christina is a marketing and audience development consultant with 20 years’ experience working in agency, in-house and consultancy positions.

Her experience spans larger organisations such as the Science Museum Group, Empire Cinemas and Museum of London; sector support and development organisations such as the Association of Independent Museums, SHARE Museums East and the AMA; and independent and smaller organisations including Jane Austen’s House, Stratford Circus Arts Centre, the Museum of Cambridge, American Library, Babylon Arts, Norwich Historic Churches Trust, and Ensemble Dance Co.

Funding recipients have been sent an email invite to this webinar. A video recording will also be shared here within a month of the webinar taking place.

Webinar 6: Diversifying Your Audience

Tuesday 19 July (11am–12.30pm)

This webinar will help you define what ‘diversifying audiences’ means for your organisation. There is value in clarifying what diversity means. Approaches to and the understanding of ‘diversifying audiences’ are changing. It’s distinct from equality and inclusion. 

This session will:

  • Explore how diversifying your audiences impacts your whole organisation
  • Offer ideas on how to embed diversity and inclusion in your marketing
  • Provide practical tips to start diversifying your audience

Who will benefit most from this session?

This session is suitable for anyone that wants to diversify their audience. It would be useful to join the session knowing which missing audiences you want to prioritise / target.

Who is the speaker?

Mel Larsen | Consultant and Coach | Mel Larsen and Associates

Mel is a Business Growth Coach & Consultant helping freelancers, entrepreneurs and cultural organisations to have a vision and strategies that get results. Her work has taken her across the world including across the Caribbean, across Russia, Australia, Eastern Europe and South Africa. 

Her clients have included Arts Council England, Australian Arts Council and The British Council. 

She is author of 'A Guide to working with Arts Ambassadors’ and co-author of 'Open Up: museums for everyone’. 

Funding recipients have been sent an email invite to this webinar. A video recording will also be shared here within a month of the webinar taking place.