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Scotland‘s Museums and Galleries: Activities, Needs and Support Consultation Report

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We consulted with the Scottish museums sector in 2012 around its activities, priorities and needs. The aim was to get a picture of the sector’s current and planned activities and gauge how these align with the aims of Going Further, the national strategy.

The consultation also gave us the chance to gain insights into museums’ priorities and resource requirements and to gather their views on the National Development Body’s proposed role.

We invited 240 sector organisations to join in a series of six focus groups as well as to fill in questionnaires. More than 100 museum practitioners took part in the focus groups, while 60 museum organisations responded to the survey.

The data from this consultation helped us to:

  • create a benchmark on Scottish museums sector activity for evaluation purposes
  • start to build a picture of how the sector is delivering against national strategy aims and objectives
  • identify potential role(s) for the National Development Body

The consultation findings are helping to inform both the delivery of national strategy aims and objectives and also how we develop Museums Galleries Scotland services for the sector.


  • Specific under-represented national strategy objectives included: developing leadership; developing business practices; environmental sustainability; promoting cultural inclusivity
  • Top five sector resource needs are: funding and fundraising support; skills development capacity; online, digital and IT help; partnerships and networking
  • Top five priorities for the National Development Body to consider are: funding; partnership and networking; advocacy; workforce development and training; advice and support
  • 92% of museum organisations said they could help support peer organisations
  • Museums and galleries said they could help each other with: sharing expertise and best practice; curatorial and other training; partnerships and networking; venues; object loans
  • Museums stressed how important it is to maintain and develop standards, including accreditation
  • Museums highlighted how more research and evaluation could benefit the sector

Download the full report

Download Activities, Needs and Support Consultation Report (PDF, 532KB)
Published February 2013
Research Conducted By Museums Galleries Scotland
Research Funded By Museums Galleries Scotland