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Measuring your impact

Incorporating the social and economic impact of your museum into your reporting.


Part of acting as an effective advocate for your organisation is gathering the evidence you need to support the message that your organisation makes a difference in people’s lives.

Ensuring your message is impactful

As we have also explained in our ‘Advocacy: where to start’ page, to ensure your message has the desired effect in influencing those you are advocating to, PARC your message to make a more impactful approach:

  • Be Positive: phrasing your message positively can help the recipient to be more receptive to what you are saying;
  • Be Authoritative: provide facts and figures about your impact;
  • Be Rational: try not to be too emotional or emotive in your messages;
  • Be Calm and helpful: keep a level head and instil confidence in others about your work.

What to measure

Measuring the economic impact and social value of your museum and its programming will help you to construct more authoritative messages. These pages and the resources they refer to will help you to analyse your work and create a more effective advocacy platform.