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Workforce of the Future

The project

This project involves working in partnership with Developing the Young Workforce (DYW), museums and schools in lower SIMD areas. Pupils work to deliver an exhibition in a local museum, learn about the diversity of job roles in the sector and increase their employability skills. The ‘Workforce of the Future’ pilot project is funded through the Culture and Diversity Fund from Scottish Government.  

The museums involved are Arbroath Signal Tower, Discovery Point in Dundee and The Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum. Each museum works with a school chosen in partnership with DYW and will create a different learning resource that can be used by schools and museums alike across Scotland.  

Working with Developing the Young Workforce

A key part of this project is working with DYW. Working with your local DYW can help you engage with different schools/ audiences and support you in a variety of new ways.

Find more information about Developing the Young Workforce and how to engage with them in your area.  

Case studies and resources

Find case studies and useful resources developed from the Workforce of the Future pilot programme. Please feel free to use any of these in your engagement with schools or as a starting point for any work you may choose to do.  

We will continue to update this page with resources and case studies from the projects across the year.

Museums for the Future Toolkit

Warddykes Primary School Museum Project

Marvellous Museums: The Smith Art Gallery and Museum, Stirling VHT and Cornton Primary School

Get in touch

If you require more information about the projects or any of this ongoing work please do not hesitate to get in touch with Markus Offer, Skills Development Manager,